Day trip

Daytrip to Zaanse Schans Windmills

This tour is done on a private bus and there is no better way to enjoy the evening in the Netherlands.

Quick details:

Discover the symbols of Holland!

Do you know that photo you must take when you travel to a destination? Well, you have not been in Holland if you have not photographed yourself with its famous windmills. This tour is short, but intense, so you can make the most of your time. In four hours, you will see different types of mills, how a wooden clog is made, and we will have a snack of the delicious Dutch cheese. Good plan, right?

  • Specialized (and very nice) guide
  • Bus transportation for the entire tour
  • Live demostration of Wooden Clog
  • Manufacturing Cheese Tasting

Must cancel or change 48 hours before of the departure



If we take a look along the banks of the Zaan River, we find one of the most traditional villages in the countryside. We can see different windmills working there, which were used for grinding, but also for the drainage of fields or the manufacture of wood.


Wooden Clogs

We will go a clog workshop where they will explain us how these wooden shoes were made and what they were used for.



As soon as we drop off the bus, the smell which floats the air is from hot chocolate. Don’t miss the story of the match between cocoa and Zaanse Schans.



In a wooden house, we will find a cheese factory where they will explain many things to us and above all … they will give us a taste of everything.