Private daytrip to Gouda and Kinderdijk

With our excursion to Gouda and the mills of Kinderdijk, we will tour the landscapes of South Holland, seeing the Dutch work of reclaiming land to the sea.

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The living image of the Dutch Golden Age

If this country has stood out for anything in history, it is because it became one of the main economic powers during the 17th century. The Kinderdijk windmills and the commercial environment of the city of Gouda are symbols of that shining. If you are looking for that unique experience, someone who wants the original and the authentic, this tour is addressed specially for you. Just tell us when and where!

  • Specialized (and very nice) guide
  • Private transportation.
  • Cheese Tasting.
  • Entrace to a original Windmill.
  • Entrance to the Windmill park of Kinderdijk

Imprescindible cancelar o modificar la reserva con un mínimo de 24 horas de antelación a la hora de salida del tour.


De camino

We drive our way to South Holland, learning about the draining work of the Dutch and the techniques to gain land to the sea. Our path is going to cross several commercial ports where many products were manufactured and distributed during the golden era.



World Heritage Site, what else do you need? These are the authentic windmills of Holland and visiting its interior can get us to the idea of the revolution that the development of this technology brought to the peasants of that time. What a ingenuity these Dutchmen had!



Yes, we know what you are thinking, and it was the city before the cheese. In fact, Gouda is historically known for its old harbour and its trading tradition. But don´t worry, because we are not leaving this beautiful city before we taste its most popular product: the 1st chosen cheese in the world. The kaasmarkt or cheese market is held on Thursdays and you can not miss it.