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Free Tour Utrecht

During our Free Tour in Utrecht, relive the two thousand years of history of its canals, streets and bridges with one of our specialzed guides.

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Go into the old town of Utrecht

If the happy world exists we tell you already that it is in Utrecht. Bicycles, pedestrians respecting traffic lights (just like in Spain) or even canoes on the canals… This town looks like it’s from a Disney movie! Despite having a super university atmosphere full of life and color, Utrecht is characterized by guarding everything authentic and medieval. Do you dare to know with us this city called by itself as the heart of Holland and discover all its secrets?

During this free tour, relive the two thousand years of history of its canals, streets and bridges with one of our Spanish speaking guides. What did the famous Treaty of Utrecht mean for Spain? How was the most important commercial city in the Netherlands in the Middle Ages?

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  • Specialized (and very nice) guide
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Dom Square and Cathedral

At the foot of the tallest monument in the country, the Cathedral Tower next to St. Martin’s Cathedral, we find a green umbrella. Here is where or walking tour through the historic center of the city begins. The cathedral building began as a Catholic temple, and later became a landmark for Protestantism. This square is as old as the city itself, so there is a lot to tell about it.


Papal house

Yes, you’re reading right: some centuries ago there was a dutch pope and even though he was a bit nitpicky when building his residence, he ended up never living in it.


Nieuwegracht and Oudegracht

An interesting fact about Utrecht is that it is planned through two main canals, which cross the entire city. Can you guess which canals these are? Yes, the Oudegracht, which means old canal” and the Nieuwegracht which, of course, means the new. These are also very different from canals in other cities, because they have dock cellars on two levels.


Winkel van Sinkel

We could say this was the Inditex of its age. Winkel van Sinkel was one of the first department stores in the Netherlands where you could find just about anything you wanted. Today the building is a restaurant and at night it becomes a nightclub.