Private Red Light District Tour

In this private walking tour we will discover the Red Light District, the oldest area of Amsterdam with one of our spezialiced guides.

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Discover the Red Light District

Do not resist discovering the secrets that this well-known area of ​​Amsterdam hides at your own pace. We will walk among medieval tiles and crimson corners to know the red lights district, where freedom is the flag that everyone flies. If you want to know everything that these bricks hide, we volunteer to walk with you and show you all their secrets. We just need you to tell us date, time and place, and we will be there.

Through a private walking tour, we will discover the oldest part of the city with the help of one of our guides residing in Amsterdam. We will enter this district of narrow streets and red lights, where prostitutes are the protagonists. The guide will openly tell us about drug culture and regulation through coffee shops and smart shops.

As it is a more exclusive and private visit, the client will be able to adapt the itinerary according to their preferences.

It is included
  • Specialized and very nice Guide
Cancellation and Changes

The reservation must be cancelled or modified at least 72 hours before the departure time of the tour.


You will have to resist... taking photos

As a first stop, we suggest you visit the famous windows of the Red Light District and discover the history of a tradition that settled in the neighborhood for the first time in the 17th century. But here you have to follow the tradition and, although we can go our own way, cameras (or mobile phones) are not allowed.


The narrowest street in Amsterdam

Walk your way along the Trompettersteeg, the narrowest street in the city. It is only one meter wide! Although it is always crowded with people, we will find a way to meander through the people and cross the street from one side to the other. Although, if you have broad shoulders… Just let us know and we take another way!


Prostitution Information Center

We will find the moment to stop and visit this emblematic local in the neighborhood that opened 30 years ago. A non-profit organization that defends the rights of women workers, fights for their respect and works to promote laws that protect them. We will have the opportunity to talk calmly about the history and social movements of the district.


Oude Kerk

The first church in Amsterdam, also known as the Old Church. You will be surprised to see what the small wooden chapel that was here for a time has become over the centuries. Here are many stories about an Amsterdammer famous painter, although… we better tell you in person, right?


La Condomerie

We suggest you finish this private tour in the first specialized condom store in the world. A tour, at least curious, in which we will discover some of the best kept secrets (and the funniest stories) of the wonderful and curious world of condom design.