Tour Van Gogh Museum

A specialist guide in art history will bring you not only to the peculiarities of Van Gogh’s pictorial technique, but also to unknown details of his biography.

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The city of Amsterdam inevitably tends to associate itself with the figure of Vincent Van Gogh. The museum that bears his name houses the world’s largest collection of works by the red-haired artist.

Our yellow path tiles (or sunflowers) takes us through the main works of the author in order to appreciate what Darwin would call a great evolution, personal and artistic.

We don’t question his genius, but we all admire someone, and Van Gogh set his eyes on Rembrandt and Millet, who led him to become the king of post-impressionism.

Visiting the Museum, we will not waste time in line and, as the tour is done on Fridays and Fridays the museum closes later, after the visit you will have 2 additional hours to visit your favorite corners.

  • A very friendly English-speaking guide specialized in art history

The reservation must be cancelled or modified at least 72 hours before the departure time of the tour.


A self-made painter

The Van Gogh family was quite peculiar, and our Vincent was never very close to his father. But, on the other hand, with his brother Teo he always had a very special connection. He was in charge of selling his paintings, although not always successfully. And everything we know about the painter’s life is thanks to the letters that were written. They lived far away, and in times without WhatsApp, you had to tell each other the news in some way.



Although when we say Amsterdam we think of Van Gogh, when we say Van Gogh we don’t only think of Amsterdam. In fact, most of his artistic career occurred in Arles, France.

Geniuses must be crazy, is something that we’ve all heard quite a few times. But refered to Van Gogh, that’s an understatement. The story of how he lost his ear is one among many others.



It wouldn’t have occurred to me to paint my house yellow, but Van Gogh would. And he gathered in that house the crème de la crème of the artistic world of the time. Or tried it.

Sunflowers, almond blossoms, portraits and advertising with a Japanese atmosphere. Of course, the diversity of colors and styles make this museum a very special place