Daytrip to Brussels

On this tour we will visit Brussels, the capital of Belgium and the European Union. Discover the city of waffles, walk through the Grand Place, greet the Manneken Pis and taste an authentic Belgian beer.

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Walk through Brussels and taste its tipical beer

In this daytrip we will visit Brussels, capital of Belgium and de European Union. Discover the city of the waffles, walk in the Grand Place, say hello to Manneken Pis and taste the typical Belgium beer.

For us, coming to the heart of Europe and not visiting its capital city is unthinkable, we are going to take you to visit the house of government of the European Union. With its guild houses, the Manneken Pis and its beer tradition, we are going to draw in vignettes his history from the Middle Ages, passing through the colonies until the birth of the €uro. Are you going to come with us?

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City Sightseeing

Man does not live on bread alone, and on foot we will not see everything that this city has. On our way in and out of the city we will take a tour of very, very different places in the city. The Atomium, Laeken Palace or the Japanese Gardens to start. And, finally, the most European of it all: the International Council, the cinquantenarie and a multitude of embassies on a monumental avenue.


Cathedral of St. Michael and St. Gudula

Cathedral of St. Michael and St. Gudula If Game of Thrones seemed long to you, the construction of this building lasted 274 years and until 461 years later it was not given the title of cathedral. Mind you, it crowns this city from a hill as if it were a pedestal, and is our starting point for the visit on foot.


Mont des Arts

If you like to look at the views, this hill that runs along the north-south axis of Brussels offers you the perfect perspective for your panoramic photo of the city. Presided over by the statues of Alberto and Isabel and above the entire Royal Palace… open your eyes wide.


Royal Galleries of Saint Hubert

Nowadays when you want to go shopping you go to a mall, right? Well, in the 19th century, they came to these galleries. Books, paintings, furs, spices and even jewelry, the oldest galleries in Europe also have charming cafes and restaurants… in which, incidentally, even Victor Hugo came here to spend his afternoons.


Manneken Pis

It is heard that this boy competes with Queen Matilde herself to see who has the most dresses. Guess who has won. With up to 700 little dresses in his possession, he does not go unnoticed, and he has been the victim of vandalism on many occasions. But nobody can stop him and the family keeps growing: he has a sister and a dog.


Grand Place

They say it may be the most beautiful square in the world. Who says so? Everyone can appreciate the gilding in the guild houses where merchants sold their products since the 12th century. By the way, when the French passed by, they fired down and destroyed everything, the merchants themselves rebuilt it … and in record time!