Day trip

Day trip to Rotterdam and The Hague

Discover the best of the South of Holland on this excursion in which we will visit Rotterdam, which you will fall in love with, for its modernity and breaking architecture; and The Hague, for

Quick details:

The modern and the historical of Holland in only one day.

Meat or fish? Beach or mountain? Rotterdam or The Hague? If you are one of those who does not like to give up anything, we are going to get alone, for sure. In this daytrip we will meet two cities as cosmopolitan as different from each other. On the one hand, Rotterdam, known as the mecca of contemporary architecture; and, on the other hand, The Hague, the most stately city in the country. This tour is the best way to understand the different lifestyles that inhabit the Netherlands, while you learn a bit of culture and history, and, of course, you have a good time with us 😉.

It is included
  • Specialized (and very nice) guide
  • Bus transportation for the entire tour
Cancellation and Changes

Must cancel or change 48 hours before of the departure


The Hague

Once started, our first stop is The Hague, or to make it clearer, the Dutch Versailles. This city is the third largest in the Netherlands, after Amsterdam and Rotterdam. It is noted in its large avenues, majestic buildings, palaces, embassies and large expanses of green area. This city lacks nothing.


Binnenhof and Peace Palace

The Netherlands is ruled from a medieval fortress: the Dutch parliament building is definitely a must-see. We will walk around the historic center and we will leave the city admiring the place where the International Court of Justice, the imposing Palace of Peace, is housed.



Next stop, Rotterdam! Get ready to step down, we have reached the world epicenter of modern architecture. This city, which was bombed during the Second World War, has managed to rise from the ashes and proclaim itself as one of the most imaginative cities in Europe.


Cubic Houses, the Old Haven and Church of Sint-Laurens

In Rotterdam, not everything is new: on our walk through the city center, we will discover how the past and the present come together in a unique city. And we will take a break to visit the most beautiful market in the country and grab a bite. When leaving the city, already with a full stomach, a panoramic tour awaits us to see, from the bus, the little things that have been left in the dark.