Day trip

Day trip to the Zaanse Schans Windmills, Edam, Volendam and Marken

Know the dutch countryside during our tour through the Waterland, visiting the area of the windmills, the picturesque village of Edam and Volendam, and, and finally, the old island of Marken

Quick details:

Discover the most iconic towns in the Netherlands

Whatever your travel itinerary to Amsterdam is, we have a day trip that you surely cannot miss: windmills, dams, medieval towns and an island below sea level. There are those who believe that you can get to know the Netherlands just by visiting Amsterdam,but the truth is that they could not be more wrong. Because the best is yet to come and this tour is the perfect mix between culture, strolling and gastronomy. What do you say? Are you ready to become a master of the Dutch Golden Age?

Barely 20 km away from the capital you can find the true essence of Holland in the evergreen countryside. The impressive windmills of Zaanse Schans are just the appetizer of this adventure. We will visit Edam, an authentic jewel of the 14th century surrounded by extensive green meadows. We will make our stop to eat and rest in Volendam, a fishing village known for its picturesque port, and we will finish our tour with a visit to Marken, an old fishing island with just over a thousand inhabitants. Are you ready?

It is Included
  • Specialized (and very nice) guide
  • Bus transportation for the entire tour
  • Live demonstration of clog making
  • Cheese tasting
  • Lunch (optional: € 14)
  • Ferry ride from Volendam to the island of Marken (optional: € 8.50)
Cancellation and Changes

Must cancel or change before 48 hours of the departure


Zaanse Schans

Do you like more the city or the countryside? Do not care what you answer, keep reading because we have an excursion that, if you visit Holland, you cannot miss. You must know the Dutch countryside: windmills, Dutch cheese, artisan clogs and secret islands.



We always say that Edam is the best place to retire. A very quiet little town with no more than 8,000 inhabitants, cobbled streets straight out of a fairy tale, 16th century churches and… its famous cheese market! For sure, you already know that Edam is famous worldwide for its ball cheese, but this is just one more addition to the charm of this city. And, of course, we will not leave this town without trying this delicious delicacy in one of its dairy farms.



Volendam fish being famous throughout the whole Holland is a good indication that we should stop here to eat. Once you have visited this 13th-century town and admired its beautiful fishing port, you will enjoy free time to eat and explore the rest of the town on your own.



All good things come to an end, but to finish on a high note, we’ll visit Marken, a historic island inhabited by fishermen with a very particular culture. Here, water has always complicated the lives of its inhabitants: we will discover the natural disasters that occurred here and how these islanders adapted to the rising seas. To finish the visit, we will leave Marken along the dam that today makes it a peninsula.