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Free Tour Amsterdam Historical: Dam, Jew Quarter and Flower Market.

A must for any traveller who wants to discover Amsterdam. Come with us and we will tell you all the stories of the capital of Holland.

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The best tour to know Amsterdam

During this tour we follow the green umbrella from Centraal Station to Dam Square, De Waag or the Old Jewish Quarter (as well as many other places). Get to know Amsterdam’s most emblematic areas with the company of our guides. There is no better way to establish a first contact with Amsterdam than to do it at the hands of one of our guides to become aware of how special the city in which you find yourself is. The groups will not exceed 15 people, so you will be able to get the answer to all of your questions.

Although the booking for this tour is free, at the end of it you are the one who values the work of the guides with an economic remuneration, which hopefully will be as good as the tour is.

When you finish this tour, we assure you that you’ll see Amsterdam as what it is: one of a kind.

  • Guía especializado (y muy simpático) de habla hispana
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Centraal Station

At the foot of this monument designed by Pierre Cuypers, we will answer many questions: How was it possible that these marshy lands on the banks of the Amstel river were transformed into what Amsterdam is today? How did Amsterdam manage to become the commercial and cultural capital of the world during the 17th century? What have been the causes that have made Amsterdam a symbol of multiculturalism and tolerance at an international level?


Dam Square

The origin of the history of Amsterdam and the epicenter of city life, here all roads lead to the Dam. What do we see? Known in the city as Nieuwe Kerk (a beautiful Gothic work built during the 15th century, when the city was overflowing with people and immersed in an economic boom), next to it the Royal Palace where the kings do not live but with a history that goes back to the origin of the country, and right in front: the National Liberation Monument in commemoration of those who fell in World War II. There’s much to tell.


De Wallen

The headquarters of the oldest trade in the world, in the oldest neighborhood of Amsterdam. If you were wondering where the well-known photo of a canal with a bike in the background is taken, it is here. We will see the sloping facades that characterize the houses of Amsterdam and the canals that cross the historic center of the city.


De Waag

Considered the be the oldest civil building in all of Amsterdam and also known as the Weight House, it became the official headquarters of the different guilds in the city. Can you imagine the mess that was that square during the Golden Age? And as you cannot miss the inside of this building, we will take advantage of the fact that we’re halfway through the visit and recharge our batteries with a little pit stop.


Old Jewish Quarter

Nowadays Amsterdam welcomes any visitor with open arms, but that has not always been the case. The Jewish community, which became a majority of the population, suffered the punishment of the events that took place during the 2nd World War. Despite everything, this neighborhood continues to maintain the essence and richness of its culture. A place that represents the strength of the Jewish people.


Rembrandt's house

Something essential in the Jewish quarter is knowing where and how Rembrandt lived. Sounds familiar to you, right? Well, that’s because he is one of the most important Baroque artists of the 17th century.


Waterlooplein Market

A typical flea market, here in Waterlooplein we will find everything: food, vintage clothing and even second-hand bicycles. We hope you have plenty of free room in your suitcase because otherwise… this stop will be difficult for you!


Flower Market

We come here almost on the daily, and we still get surprised by all the flowers and plants that are in this market. The best of all is that they vary according to the time of year. That’ why it does not matter how many times you come, it will always seem different. We assure you that you will love this place.