Private Amsterdam Walking Tour

Let us join you on an essential walk through the historic centre of Amsterdam. We’ll tell you all the details about how this unique city was born.

Quick details:

Know the old town of Amsterdam in an exclusive way

Let us take you on this indispensable walk through the old town of Amsterdam. We will tell you everything about how this unique city was born, visiting such emblematic places as Dam Square, the gates of De Waag, the Old Jewish Quarter or the Flower Market. Of course, without any haste, you set the times. Do you like taking pictures? We show you the best points.You want to stop for a local beer or a warm cappuccino? We know the most charming cafés.

With the help of one of our English-speaking guides living in the Dutch capital, we will enter the ring of canals that make up the centre of Amsterdam, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO since 2010, due to a unique urban planning concept and its peculiar architecture, which forms a work of art.

During the walking tour we will visit emblematic places such as Dam Square, the Red Light District, the Chinatown, De Waag (one of the gates of the city, from the 15th century), Waterlooplein, the Tower of the Coin or the Floating Market of the Flowers and we will show where lived one of the greatest geniuses of the painting, Rembrandt.

As it is a private visit, the itinerary can be agreed at the beginning of the tour to adapt it to your wishes and interests, always considering the duration of it.

It is included
  • Specialized and very nice Guide
Cancellation and Changes

The reservation must be cancelled or modified at least 72 hours before the departure time of the tour.


Central Station

Built in the late 19th century by Cuypers, one of the most important architects in the city, many people often mix up this building with a very similar one by the same architect. Guess which one? We give you the answer on the tour.


Dam Square

Amsterdam’s main point. This is where it all started! The place where the first dam (oh yes, you are beginning to understand) was built that would give origin to the old port and the walled area. Today, in this square we find buildings such as the Royal Palace, the New Church or even the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum.


Oude Kerk

The first church in Amsterdam, also known as the Old Church. You will be surprised to see what the small wooden chapel that was here for a time has become over the centuries. Here are many stories about an Amsterdammer famous painter, although… we better tell you in person, right?


De Waag

A 15th century castle that was originally one of the gates of the city wall, turn into the weight house, served as the headquarters of the surgeons’ guild, functioned as a fire station and that nowadays became a cozy café and restaurant. You see? Lots of history to tell.


Old Jewish Quarter

 There was a time when Amsterdam welcomed waves of Jewish immigrants from all over Europe, earning itself the nickname of “safe shelter” in Hebrew. It was since the Second World War when the city was invaded by the Germans. However, the historical memory of these streets has served as an example for the entire world and today is a symbol of strength and cultural wealth.


Rembrandt House

 No need for introductions. If we talk about masters of Dutch painting, Rembrandt tops the ranking. Imagine coming into his house and seeing where he created all his well-known works. It is here where he painted the ¨The Night Watch¨. Did you know that this was not its original name?


Waterlooplein Market

 Also known as the flea market, here you will find lots of second-hand clothes, postcards, souvenirs and anything you can imagine. Don´t forget! This is a private tour, so if you want to spend a little time on your shopping… feel free.


Mercado de Las Flores

 To end, we put the icing on the cake visiting one of the most famous places in Amsterdam. Flowers, plants and especially tulip bulbs is what we will find in this market with more than 150 years of history. Buying some bulbs to plant later at home is a great way to take a little bit of Holland with you.