Red Light District Tour

In this walking tour you will discover the oldest area of Amsterdam, where the Red Light District is currently located.

Quick details:

Do you want to know how the famous Red-Light District works truly?

Red Red! On traffic signs it means prohibited (or danger), on a traffic light, that you should not cross, but what does Red Tour mean? AHA! You are also curious.

You are not the only one, and today there are so many curious people that access has been limited in several ways. Our guide will give you ALL the guidelines to do not miss any detail of the most tolerant city with prostitution and drugs.

It is included

Specialized (and very nice) guide

Cancellation and Changes

The reservation must be cancelled or modified at least 72 hours before the departure time of the tour.


De Wallen

We learned Dutch: De Wallen means The Walls… we go into the walled area of the 16th century city, in one of the most emblematic neighborhoods in Europe. If you have been joked about your trip to Amsterdam, is because you already know what you will find here: sex, drugs… and a lot of history! Our guides don’t know how to keep secrets, so prepare to discover them all.



This neighborhood has an unmistakable aroma, the smells of coexistence, diversity… ah, and marijuana! The spirit of tolerance towards the use of soft (and not so soft) drugs in the Netherlands, has its origin in Zeedijk street, which we walk from end to end to discover how we came to this.



At this point of the tour, we will have made some discovery. So we are going to talk, next to the doors of San Antonio, about the history of the sailors who docked in Amsterdam, about coffeeshops and we will give you all the clues to discover the rest of Amsterdam for yourselves.