Private Day Trip to Giethoorn

Departuring from Amsterdam, we’ll travel across Flevoland and the Weerriben-Wieden National Park to arrive at Giethoorn. There, we will enjoy a one-hour cruise along it beautiful canals.

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A charming little town with a fairy tale vibe

Giethoorn is often described as “the cutest town in the world”. Is that an exaggeration? Not in the slightless! Lots of canals, thatched roofs, little wooden bridges… if you ever read any tale from the Grimm brothers, this tour will sure teleport you to one of their worlds. In addition to it, we will have to visit the historical port city of Enkhuizen, one of the true Holland’s hidden gems. Were you looking for an unforgettable experience? Then you hit the bullseye!

Did you know that Giethoorn have no roads? Its inhabitants move around in boats through the canals, hence this dutch town is also known as “Green Venice”

Departuring from Amsterdam, we’ll travel across Flevoland and the Weerriben-Wieden National Park to arrive at Giethoorn. There, we will go on a one-hour cruise along it canals in which we will be able to enjoy the sheer beauty of the old farms’ thatched roofs and the wooden bridges. We will have spare time to take a stroll and nice pictures, and to restock on energy in one of its excellent restaurants (lunch is not included). On our way to Enkhuizen we will make a stop at Lelystad’s port to see a replica of the Batavia (17th century gallery that belonged to the Dutch East Indies Company) and “Exposure” the famous estatue by Antony Gormley.

We will get from Flevoland to North-Holland trough Houtribdijk, a dike a connects both provinces and divides the Ijsselmeer and the Markermeer. Lastly, we will visit Enkhuizen, once an important city during the dutch Golden Age in which time seems to have stopped around that period. It’s canals, bridges, historical buildings and port make the town one of the most beautiful in the Netherlands.

It is included
  • Specialized (and really friendly) english speaking guide.
  • Private vehicule use.
  • Geithoorn canal cruise (with coffee or tea)
Cancellation and Changes

The reservation must be cancelled or modified at least 72 hours before the departure time of the tour.



Did you know that Geithoorn has no paved streets? It’s all about canals here, so people moves around in boats, hence its “Green Venice” nickname. Fear not, we won’t get wet at Geithoorn for a boat is awaiting us to take us to every corner of the town. Followers better be ready, for your Instagram is about fire up big time!


Lelystad Port

This port is a mandatory visit and not only for its views. A replica of the Batavia, a 17th century dutch galleon for the East Indies Company will sure make your jaw drop.



In every country you visit there’re always lots of amazing places that will remain unknown to you if you aren’t lucky enough to get a local to show them to you. Enkhuizen is sure one of them for its port was one of the most important during the dutch golden age. An town of authentic sailors and fishermen.