Day trip

Private Tour to Rotterdam, The Hague and Delf

Know with an expert guide this three cities of South Holland, Rotterdam, The Hague and Delft

Quick details:

The three pearls of the South Holland

Sometimes, even we are surprised that the Netherlands keeps so many treasures in such a small space. And there are cities here for all tastes! You’ll be amazed by the breakout architecture of Rotterdam. The story between the royal Orange family and Delft will hook you up. The palaces and gardens of The Hague will leave you speechless. However, always conforming to you, you set the pace.

He knows these three cities in the province of South Holland with the help of an expert guide. We will start by going to the city of Rotterdam, in which we will make a panoramic visit, also making some stops to see places like the Markthal, the Church of San Lorenzo or the famous Cube Houses.

It is included
  • Specialized (and very nice) guide
  • Private transportation
Cancellation and Changes

The reservation must be cancelled or modified at least 72 hours before the departure time of the tour.



Let’s start our tour of Rotterdam, port and gate of Europe. We find a completely new city because during the Second World War it was bombed. Today its architecture attracts thousands of tourists.


Cubic Houses, Sint Laurent church and Markthal

Let’s go around the center of Rotterdam to see some of the most emblematic buildings in the city: the Church of Saint Laurent (survivor of the bombing, thank God), or the Cube Houses… nothing to do with each other. You’ll have free time at lunchtime for a drink at the imposing Markthal.



There are not many cities with the charm of Delft, this city has played a key role in Dutch history. This is where the famous Delft ceramics were developed during the 16th century and lived the master of painting Vermeer. Are you familiar with the Pearl Girl? Well, yeah, you just got to your place of origin.


Den Hague

Visit the city with the oldest parliamentary building in Europe, the administrative capital of the Netherlands, The Hague! The palaces of the monarchy, ministries and courts make this city very special. Of all we can teach you, we will choose the best.


Peace Palace

This imposing neo-Renaissance building cost more than EUR 1 million, but what money so well invested: inside we find the UN International Court of Justice. Since 1999, the flame of peace has always been lit to welcome the regulars of international politics and law.